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Mix and Sound Expert
  • mix, mixing, mix expert, mixfarm, simon vinestock

  • mix, mix expert, mixing, mixfarm, simon vinestock

  • mix, mixing, mix expert, simon vinestock

Mixing Services

Simon Vinestock has mixed, produced and engineered albums for a long list of artists during his fascinatingly long and on going career. Simon manages to mix in a wide variety of styles to give the artists the perfect match between their vision of how they want to sound and the end result. He does it with his own unique way to ensure a perfect outcome at a very affordable price.

International Clients

Simon has worked with a huge list of artists from all over the world, including : Dave Gilmore (Pink Floyd), Sting, Brian Eno, Gary More, Sam Brown, ABC, Killing Joke, Cutting Crew, Peter Frampton. Texas, Tin Machine ,David Bowie, Robert Plant ,Tears for Fears, Wet Wet Wet, Blur, Simple Minds, Paul Young, Thin Lizzy, Gun, Morten Harket (Aha), Savoy (Aha), Herbert Gronemeyer, Freya, Fumina Hisamatsu. Echobelly, Ruby Fruit Jungle, Jorn Hoel, and many many more.

mix, mixing, mix expert, simon vinestock, mixfarm


About Simon

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, he has lived in London and Israel and he adapts to a wide variety of markets, whether it is American, European, Middle East or Far East. Simon started working in 1983 and his career took off at Utopia Studios in London, during the mid 80’s and he has checked in and out of almost every well known recording studio since.

In 2001 Simon founded MixFarm, a well equipped mixing studio, in a great location among the green fields of the Sharon area of Israel. Working with his outstanding talent and gear he gets to produce and mix albums for very satisfied clients all over the globe. Using the internet and his caring attitude, a lot of musician from all over the world just simply send him their track and get back the perfect mix, on time, while Simon does his best, as always, mainly knocking out hit after hit. He would be more than happy to include you with this unique experience.


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